What is Verizon Mail? and What are its Products?

Verizon Webmail

Verizon Email Login enables the smartphone, desktop or mail client to log into the website such that there is no problem in logging in and out again. When a user is an owner to many email IDs, it requires to collate in a single email client. Verizon Online had offered a web based email site which was named as Verizon Webmail.

Verizon Webmail Products

About Verizon Mail

Verizon Webmail is usually benificial for corporate purposes for sending, drafting, saving and receiving emails from different sources. Just like a regular email website, Verizon consists of a drop-down inbox, address book, messages, folders, sent and outbox menu. Verizon Webmail offers with features such as:

  • Technology which encourages drag and drops emails accompanied with improved navigation.
  • Filters spam mails, consists of better anti virus features and stricter blocking options.
  • Verizon Webmail comes with a storage of 2GB memory.
  • The Webmail is best to accept and manage large folders and manage mails.
  • The emails can be composed with a different font, text sizes and colours.

Download and Install Verizon Webmail

For iOS

  • Select Settings on the device with an iOS.
  • Go to Contacts, Calendar and Mails.
  • Tap on “Add account”.
  • A drop down appears after which click on “other”.
  • Click on “Add account” and then complete the details.

The application will directly select the server and setting and then will be ready to be used. In case that fails to happen, it needs to be set up manually.

For Mac

  • Similar to that of iOS, select the system preferences.
  • Tap on “internet accounts” and then select “Add another account”.
  • Tap on “mail account” and then enter the Verizon details.

Just like iOS, the Mail will download the particulars of the server right away, and if it fails to do the task, it should be set up manually.

For Android

  • Select Setting on the Android device.
  • Go to Account and then navigate to Add Account.
  • Select Email and then fill up the information.

On entering the information, the app will download the Verizon mail server settings. On failure of this action, the system will need to be set up manually.

Verizon Products

Verizon has launched various apps which are programmed to ensure safety, entertainment and productivity.

  • Family Locator

verizon family locator

This application is built to navigate the movements of family members through texts or emails using a mobile, tablet or PC. These work by sending updates about the locations visited or left by them.

  • Assistance for Roadside Emergency

The application helps in assistance for any roadside emergency, and the portal remains active 24*7. This works on registering the present location while asking for help after which the support will be provided immediately.

  • Navigator Maps

Navigator Maps

This application is programmed to offer the nearby locations and landmarks on switching it on. This works by voice assistance of directions towards a particular landmark using map navigator.

  • Protection and Support Assistance

This application provides a mobile support aid in order provide a solution for the mobile device. It also protects the device from external viruses and blocks sites which might prove to be harmful to the instrument. This is necessary for securing the device from risky external factors.

  • Other application products include Pop Data which enables streaming videos, Verizon Cloud. It enables to save and backup data including texts, images, videos, movies etc., Android Pay which allows the user to transfer money and perform in app purchase just like an online wallet.


Verizon Webmail is useful for official purposes as they work as closed mail websites. Verizon also has to offer various applications related to entertainment, assistance and security support available for iOS, Mac and Android.

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